About Printing

For local sales, Clear Channel takes care of the printing and the delivery of posters with the aim of offering an all-inclusive service and to enable customers to avoid the most laborious technical stages of the purchasing and posting process, as well as delivery delays.
We are happy to support our customers at each stage of their campaign, from the creation of the poster to its installation in the street.
We work with reliable partner printing houses, with which we have cooperated for many years. We thereby ensure premium quality printing and the highest levels of expertise at a very competitive price. Your posters are printed by Clear Channel with unbeatable value for money. Furthermore, all of the posters printed are subject to quality control.
We print all of the posters sold locally on opaline. It is of superior quality and protects the visual from inclement weather. For this reason, opaline is mandatory for long-term campaigns (over four weeks). Opaline also makes it possible to reuse the visual displayed for a subsequent campaign and therefore avoid having to reprint. If you wish to reuse the poster, please inform us at the time of your booking or by email. It will be kept for 12 months from the date of the initial installation. Using opaline also avoids having to print spare posters. Purchase one billboard and print just one visual!
Also, for the creation of the visual, do not hesitate to use our partner graphic designers by ticking the “creation” option at the time of your booking. Finally, visit our “visualise” page where you will find appropriate advice for an optimum and successful creation.

2m² Adshel urban street furniture

You can find “2m² Adshel urban street furniture” billboards in the streets where they are seen and noticed over and over again due to the heavy traffic. The panels are illuminated, which helps to increase the visibility of your poster. They are present in the best addresses and contribute to improving the urban landscape thanks to their modern and attractive design. The models are original and varied: from the info panel to the bus shelter via the flag pole. They are also equipped with a pane of glass to protect your posters from inclement weather.
High visibility and high-quality panels that offer creative potential and exceptional enhancement to your advertising!